Something New


If pain had a medicine you’d be mine
just one dose of your attention could knock me out cold
but the touch from your body keeps my body temperature warm
and it’s unknown
I don’t know how you have that affect on me
the temptation to control my mind
in which every memory of you and I
in my head I just press rewind Continue reading


“S̶O̶S̶” by Ciano


You’ll never love me like I love you
You’ll never look at me and feel,
feel so caught up in your emotions that you stumble over them trying to catch up to me
feel, so heartbroken; my heart given to you, you’ve broken
still in your possession to be prepared by you
you are the breaker and the fixer; the heartmaker, heart re-maker
reshaper Continue reading

“Drowning Deep” by Ciano


Smile so hard you’d think you were my orthodontist
couldn’t deny my feelings, I had no choice but to be honest
so behind on my emotions I missed that step and then I fell
and I knew you saw it coming because you know me oh so well
heart frozen, feelings are amiss
I taste the lies on your lips each time we kiss
I smell the fear in your breath and it reeks
I know I think about you just as much as you think about me Continue reading