The New Edition Story: 5 Songs that Has me Hooked

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After watching ‘The New Edition Story’ on BET back in January, I’ve been hooked on them like crazy; listening to old songs and watching classic music videos. I thought my obsession was over… then the 2017 BET Awards came on, after I saw the cast and the actual group perform, my obsession came back. Now I’m back to paying homage to the boys on my Twitter and appreciating their old hits even more than before. Let me just share with you all five songs and videos I just can’t get enough of:

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5 of the Most Underrated Songs pt.II


I’ve done a list like this before in the past, and its gotten some good feedback, so I thought I’d do part two. If you’ve read the bio portion of my blog then you know besides writing, music is my second love. Today I found myself listening to a couple of great songs I felt never got the credit they deserved, so I thought it would be great to share another list of underrated songs with you all:  Continue reading “5 of the Most Underrated Songs pt.II”

5 of the most underrated Songs


I was sitting here listening to some music and it dawned on me, some of my favorite tunes are underrated among radio play and to the public in general. A lot of people either heard it and are not big fans of it, or they simply never heard of it at all. I thought it would be a great gesture to introduce the top 5 most underrated gems to be released in the past 10 years. Continue reading “5 of the most underrated Songs”

Music of the Month!

Tink Winter's Diary 4

If you’re anything like me then you love good music. And if you’re on the search for what some like to call “Real music” then I have just what you’re looking for. There’s this artist who goes by the name of Tink, maybe you’ve heard of her. She has a very popular ballad called Treat Me Like Somebody, she also sampled the late great Aaliyah’s One in a Million with her own track Million, which is absolutely amazing and if you haven’t heard it yet then you’re missing out. Continue reading “Music of the Month!”