“S̶O̶S̶” by Ciano


You’ll never love me like I love you
You’ll never look at me and feel,
feel so caught up in your emotions that you stumble over them trying to catch up to me
feel, so heartbroken; my heart given to you, you’ve broken
still in your possession to be prepared by you
you are the breaker and the fixer; the heartmaker, heart re-maker
reshaper Continue reading


GodisMikey, the Confidence of a King


On this particular day, I waited for Mikey to call me to conduct the interview. I am ready and I am excited that this is really about to happen. There’s something about his personality — if w’ere judging from his online appearance — it’s a little intimidating at first. He could come off snobby or self-centered if you haven’t really gotten the chance to get to know him.  I later learn he’s a very giving and charismatic guy that just wants to see his peers win. Continue reading

Black Extraordinaire: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t know about Jada Samuel


Minus the fact that she’s an AKA and does not like the color pink, there are many other things you probably didn’t know about Jada Samuel that you might find quite amusing. With everything she has going on right now; finishing up her last year at the University of South Carolina, being the founder of her nonprofit ishapemegirls, and relaunching her new site that many are impatiently waiting on — Samuel still manages to show the world, even with newfound adulthood she is still a young girl at heart. Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Jada: Continue reading

“Drowning Deep” by Ciano


Smile so hard you’d think you were my orthodontist
couldn’t deny my feelings, I had no choice but to be honest
so behind on my emotions I missed that step and then I fell
and I knew you saw it coming because you know me oh so well
heart frozen, feelings are amiss
I taste the lies on your lips each time we kiss
I smell the fear in your breath and it reeks
I know I think about you just as much as you think about me Continue reading

Emotional Thinkers make Irrational Decisions


Many people feel like I make decisions without fully thinking them through, but I do. In actuality I OVERTHINK and that leads to me being in my feelings, (a position I don’t like being put in) which in result, leads me to reacting off of emotions — that’s never good. I’ll partake in actions that will make the person it’s being directed to think, “What the hell, what did I do? It wasn’t that serious.” To them it might not have been, but to me it was. Continue reading

My Patience is Running thin: I Can Only Handle but so Much



Have you ever had a friend who just couldn’t seem to let a guy who has done them wrong go? Every time you guys are out together, they have to remind you that they’re in their feelings over him. They’re constantly on their phone calling this guy who they know are no good for them, but just can’t seem to fight temptation. They also spend half of the night dwelling on this guy instead of enjoying their newfound memories with their friends. This situation aggravates the hell out of me. Continue reading