“Writer’s Block” by Ciano


What happened to you?

You used to be so smooth

quick on your feet

and great with words,

you’ve lost your touch.

You used to spit words out

like a faucet did water,

like a dragon did fire,

like a snake does its tongue.

You were unstoppable,

and then you stopped.

You knew what to say

you just didn’t know how to say it.

You were your own enemy,

self-destruction was your term

You put yourself in a box

lit a match and watched it burn.

Now that fire is burning out

and every ash has turned into sand

but like a phoenix you will rise

and your words will reborn again.





Another “Friend” Down: Only the Strong Will Survive


Everyone that knows me, knows I don’t really do the friend thing, BUT occasionally I’ll come across some interesting folks and something inside of me will give them a chance to get to know such a wonderful human being as myself. The crazy thing is, as soon as I began to let my guard down and think that I found a potential new friend to full my damn near obsolete circle, this person always does something that makes me have to reconsider. I let people know when they meet me, and I’m sure it shows by my actions, that I’m no stranger when it comes to kicking someone to the curb. So I really don’t understand why people test my patience. Let me tell you all a little story, and maybe you can tell me if I overreacted or not: Continue reading “Another “Friend” Down: Only the Strong Will Survive”

Sorry Not Sorry


In life, we come across people who will enter our world for a lifetime or a season. Sometimes the friends we would expect to be genuine and honest, turns out to be more fraudulent than we expected. Spotting fake friends is not as hard as it seems, sometimes you are just blind to everything that’s happening right in front of you. There is no book on knowing how to trust someone or knowing who is really there for you or not. It’s something that can only be taught through life experiences.  Continue reading “Sorry Not Sorry”

Be Petty or Mature: The Choice is Yours

Nicki Minaj Petty gif

In life, people insist that you take the high road and be more mature… but I’m not going to lie, there are times when I just feel like being petty is the better route to take. Sometimes it’s just best to give people exactly what they give you. Not only will they understand how it feels to have it done back to them, but it’ll also make them reconsider taking those same actions next time around. Continue reading “Be Petty or Mature: The Choice is Yours”

When Stubbornness Takes Over


I don’t know if others tend to feel this way or if it’s just me… but sometimes I miss having certain people in my life, although it’s very rare this happens to a person like me. I’ll think about them for a split second, and before I flick them out of my head, I’ll say to myself, “Maybe I should hit them up.” Then my stubbornness kicks in and I always reconsider. Continue reading “When Stubbornness Takes Over”

Crazy how Things Work: Isn’t it Funny?


Isn’t it funny how life and people work? A world full of a bunch of people who tell you what you should/shouldn’t be doing, but they do the exact opposite? Or how people listen to negative things about you, but expect you not to do the same when a story is made up about them? Those and a couple of other things irritate me… let’s get into it, shall we? Continue reading “Crazy how Things Work: Isn’t it Funny?”

Embracing My Black Boy Joy


Hello to all of my readers. I know I’ve been gone for a couple of days, but I am back today to tell you all, I am great and I’ve never felt better. Recently, I’ve been taking time out of my days during this Summer to get to know myself on a more personal level; what I like, what I dislike, the person I’ve become, and the person I want to be. This journey has been so refreshing and I’ve found myself to be the happiest I’ve ever been in a long time. Continue reading “Embracing My Black Boy Joy”