You Tried me: Now I’m the Bad Guy? Pt. II — Let the Games Begin


After the four people left to go get some food, Jalena and I went back home and left the mess for their asses to clean up, since ol’ girl wanted to give orders like she lived there. I spoke to Deja the next day and asked her how everything went, she said her other roommate caught a fit and sent a group text to everyone in the house about how upset she was. I don’t really remember everything she said verbatim, but all I remember was she stopped talking to them after that and their relationship was never the same… not that there ever really was one to begin with. Continue reading


You Tried me: Now I’m the Bad Guy?

tenor (1).gif

Naturally, I’m a very nice person. There isn’t a soul in this world that doesn’t like me. Either you love me or you pretend that you don’t. And those that pretend that they don’t, either prejudge me because of my standoffish ways without getting to know me or they’ve done some shit that made me handle them a certain type of way. Who knows and who cares? Just appreciate me when I’m being nice, don’t take advantage of that, and that’s what a lot of people seem to do. Thinking because I’m so soft spoken that they can run over me, and that’s where they fuck up at. Continue reading

Something New


If pain had a medicine you’d be mine
just one dose of your attention could knock me out cold
but the touch from your body keeps my body temperature warm
and it’s unknown
I don’t know how you have that affect on me
the temptation to control my mind
in which every memory of you and I
in my head I just press rewind Continue reading