My Patience is Running thin: I Can Only Handle but so Much



Have you ever had a friend who just couldn’t seem to let a guy who has done them wrong go? Every time you guys are out together, they have to remind you that they’re in their feelings over him. They’re constantly on their phone calling this guy who they know are no good for them, but just can’t seem to fight temptation. They also spend half of the night dwelling on this guy instead of enjoying their newfound memories with their friends. This situation aggravates the hell out of me. Continue reading




I find myself more and more cold as the years go by. I mean, I really used to be such a nice, loving, and caring individual. Now, I couldn’t care less. When I analyze myself now and notice how I reacted to certain things in the past, it hurts me a little to know that I’ve allowed those that have hurt me to transform me into someone I’ve never intended to be. Looking in the mirror today, I don’t even recognize me and that’s scary. Continue reading

Sometimes We’re not Always Sure


Look at this picture and tell me, what do you see? Is it black and white but altered to make that one rose white or is it actually all black roses with one white one? The answer is debatable — if you look at it long enough, you’ll start to second guess yourself. The point I’m trying to make is, sometimes everything isn’t always spot on and sometimes we’re not always sure. Continue reading

Another “Friend” Down: Only the Strong Will Survive


Everyone that knows me, knows I don’t really do the friend thing, BUT occasionally I’ll come across some interesting folks and something inside of me will give them a chance to get to know such a wonderful human being as myself. The crazy thing is, as soon as I began to let my guard down and think that I found a potential new friend to full my damn near obsolete circle, this person always does something that makes me have to reconsider. I let people know when they meet me, and I’m sure it shows by my actions, that I’m no stranger when it comes to kicking someone to the curb. So I really don’t understand why people test my patience. Let me tell you all a little story, and maybe you can tell me if I overreacted or not: Continue reading

Sorry not Sorry


In life, we come across people who will enter our world for a lifetime or a season. Sometimes the friends we would expect to be genuine and honest, turns out to be more fraudulent than we expected. Spotting fake friends is not as hard as it seems, sometimes you are just blind to everything that’s happening right in front of you. There is no book on knowing how to trust someone or knowing who is really there for you or not. It’s something that can only be taught through life experiences.  Continue reading