Personal Anecdote


my name is Ciano Chandler, and I am a Journalism major at University of South Carolina.

I am a shy person with a huge personality, because of that many people find it very hard to believe.

 I am not your typical party college student, but I do manage to get out of the house at times.

If you leave it to my advantage, I would stay in the house everyday – haha I’m just a homebody.

One thing I probably don’t have to mention, if you stick around on my blog

long enough or if you know me personally, is that I Stan for Rihanna — omg, I absolutely adore her!

I am a Capricorn (yes I do believe in that stuff) and I love listening to music to escape from all of the absurdity going on in the world today.

Although I love music, writing has always been my first love.

I came to that realization the day I wrote my first poem in fifth grade.

Because I am not that vocal, writing is a very therapeutic way for me to express myself.

And if you’re anything like me, as far as how you use your voice,

then this blog is just for you. But remember, your words are very powerful, so be careful how you use them.

In all love,

Ciano Chandler