In God’s Hands


There are certain moments in our lives, whether we’re talking days, months, or years; some will be much tougher than others, and that’s honestly all a apart of life. But sometimes we could all use some uplifting words and encouragement to get through our day, and I’m here to be that voice.

When I tell you all, this Summer have been full of struggles and a lot of sacrifices… I’ve had to do a lot of things, not because I wanted to, but because I had to. I had to realize what my priorities were, and that alone made certain situations harder. Since summer started, I’ve been getting way more no’s than I have yeses, and honestly I handled them a lot better than I normally would. I no longer allow things I have no control over to consume me. My only concern is my health, happiness, and career — everything else at this moment has taken the backseat.

When you believe in God, there isn’t any room in your heart to doubt your fate. What’s destined to be, will be. No one can block what God has already blessed. You must know what he has in stored for you is FOR YOU, and if it isn’t… then it isn’t — there’s not much you can do about that. Sometimes we fight so hard for things that’s not set in our future. God sometimes show us signs that certain things aren’t what he has planned in our near future, but we regard those signs by continuing to fight for it to be our reality. Some people die behind it, but I refuse to. I refuse to stress myself over a situation I have no control over. When you come to your senses, life will truly become a much brighter place.

With all the darkness that’s making way into my life, I’ve found my own source of light that I aim for each day to keep me happy. I just keep my eyes on the prize with tunnel vision, therefore I have no reason to be down, because I know every tough time has its purpose. I might not be there yet, but as long as I can see where I’m going, that’s all that matters.

In all love






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