Crazy how Things Work: Isn’t it Funny?


Isn’t it funny how life and people work? A world full of a bunch of people who tell you what you should/shouldn’t be doing, but they do the exact opposite? Or how people listen to negative things about you, but expect you not to do the same when a story is made up about them? Those and a couple of other things irritate me… let’s get into it, shall we?

People walk this earth wanting or trying to befriend you, but the whole time they’re engaging in unfriendly actions; things that make you side eye them suspiciously. How can you get mad, because I’m too “private” with my personal life? Expecting me to open up to you, but forgot how you willingly told me all of your “best friend’s” business the night before. How do you expect me to trust you? I can’t, because if you would tell your best friend’s business, there’s no doubt you wouldn’t tell mine. Some people fail to realize red flags like this in their so called friendships, but I don’t. I know a fake friend when I see one. And I know untrustworthy actions when I see them too. I just find it funny that people get mad at you after you cut them off, when they basically asked for it.

Isn’t it crazy how people judge you for not being a socialite or being a loner, just because they’re not? Um, NEWSFLASH: not everyone in the world is a social butterfly; not all of us care to be in the company of people we barely even know/don’t care to get to know. It’s kind of pointless, don’t you think? Why sit in a room full of people I have no intentions on becoming friends with? What’s the point? To sit and smile in their face only to know they’re going to talk about me as soon as I leave their sight. I don’t need that type of energy around me, positive only. So excuse me for loving my solitude and maintaining my dignity, but if you want to engage with a bunch of fraudulent people, be my guest.

See, I don’t live my life for other people. I am who I am, and I have no desire to be anyone else. I love being my introverted self; it keeps me away from unnecessary drama, and that’s just how I want my life to be. Don’t get me wrong, socializing with people is okay, but doing things as if we’re friends and not associates is not my way of living. If that’s how you want to live your life, by all means, carry on. I’m not here to judge you, so stop judging me — I just think it’s funny.

In all love,







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